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Thank you for visiting this website, we have created this site to address some frequently asked questions and provide answers to you whether you are new Absolute vacation club owners, existing owners or our potential new future customer who wants to know and have peace of mind and enjoy the fantastic benefits of a trusted vacation club.

QUESTION – How many timeshare and vacation club owners are there worldwide?

ANSWER – There are more than 6 million global owners of timeshare and vacation club memberships and around 3 to 4,000 resorts in various exchange organisations.

QUESTION – Are there any regulatory Associations or Official Bodies that genuine Vacation club property developers can belong to?

ANSWER - First and probably the biggest is ARDA – The American Resort Developers Association www.ARDA.org ; in Australia there is ATHOC – Australian Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Council – this is the official body and is closely related with the equivalent New Zealand and Fiji equivalent bodies; in Thailand there was the TVOA – The Thai Vacation Ownership Association but membership renewals slowed down of late and there seems no action. Absolute Developments was a member of this local Thai association as well as being a current member of ARDA since 2000. Absolute is also an international member of the European Trade Body – RDO – Resort Developers Association.

QUESTION – Why does this industry always see negative publicity and rarely see positive news stories?

ANSWER - That’s not always true but it is a fact that negative news  / scare mongering tactics do draw more attention than good news stories. “Mary and Peter had a lovely  holiday etc.” or “Mary and Peter – scandal – had nowhere to stay etc..” – its obvious what gets the most publicity! Recently more and more jornalists have experienced vacation ownership type accommodation or Trip Advisor has featured vacation ownership and these free forums often portray a more real picture.

QUESTION – There seems to be a lot of negative publicity online for this industry in general and does this concern the actual quality of the product itself or is it only the type of the marketing methods used to source clients to look at the products that cause this?

ANSWER - That’s generally the answer is that more often than not those reporting negatively on Timeshare and Vacation clubs are frequently complaining of a T Shirt not fitting or the poor quality of the complimentary bottle of champagne received at a sales presentation. There are also genuine cases where people have been told a pack of lies at a sales presentation and this is completely against our views. All Absolute sales presentations are conducted using the latest technology of a multi media computer presentation formats where all our fully trained sales executives are obliged to present the benefits of the product this way. This ensures a consistent approach and a genuine desire to have the correct information shared with our new owners. This has been in use since 2007.

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Absolute Beach resort was brilliant. Directly on tri trang beach we had a great time. Went to Phi Phi island but it rained and hey it was still great !!
R Turner, Gold Coast Auss